StereoZOOM immersion microscope for gemmological applications

Horizontales Mikroskop zur Untersuchung von Edelsteinen in Immersionsflüssigkeiten.

SYNTEST with trinocular ZEISS 2000 optics for camera connection

SYNTEST with binocular LEICA optics

SYNTEST with optics ZEISS 2000 trinocular
Das Prinzip der Immersions-Mikroskopie erklärt an einer Grafik

SYNTEST StereoZOOM Microscope

  • Horizontal immersion microscope for examination of coloured stones in immersion liquids of corresponding refractive index.
  • Horizontal arrangement of immersion cell, illuminator, and optical system for comfortable microscopy without surface reflections and free rotation of the specimen.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable and enjoyable work and best results
  • Binocular StereoZOOM optics by LEICA for most magnification tasks
  • Trinocular StereoZOOM optics by ZEISS for digital photo- or video-microscopy
  • Adapters for most cameras, digital type available
  • High-end precision quality Made in Germany

Artikel über die Horizontal-Mikroskopie

Lesen Sie in diesem Artikel wie sich mit Hilfe der Horizontal-Mikroskopie Oberflächen-Reflexionen auf Edelsteinen verringern lassen (auf Englisch).

"How to reduce the surface reflections from a gemstone."

Rotating/swinging lamp

The character of light varies from transmission to incandescence by rotating the illuminator around the specimen.


Light source is a high intensity LED 6.000 Klevin lamp for powerful illumination. Iris diaphragm for adjusting light intensity and focusing.

Dimmable light

Turning knob for electronic dimming the illuminator light source.

Magnetic-Click® stone holder

Smart stoneholder for comfortable rotation and positioning of specimen. Mounted on magnetic ball socket on the vertical post.

Stage Mounting

Stage alternatively mountable on base for either left- or right-hand use.

Immersion cells

Two immersion cells of 40mm size included. Magnetically fixed on stage.

Immersion liquids

Immersion liquids of nD 1.57 and nD 1.66, each 100ml included. Liquid with nD 1.74 optional.


U-type polarizer, both filters rotatable, with magnetic fixing on the stage.

ZEISS or LEICA optics

StereoZOOM optical systems for professional high-end microscopy. Wide range of magnification levels from 6.3x to 80x, max. 125x with optional eyepieces and 250x with optional objectives. Binocular optics for most magnification tasks by LEICA, starting 6.3x-30x or 6.3x-40x, max. 80x with optional eyepieces and 160x with optional objectives. Trinocular optics for digital or analog photo- or video-microscopy by ZEISS.

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StereoZOOM optics

Focus control

Precise focus adjustment by turning focus knob. Mountable on microscope base for right- as well as left-hand use.

Microscope Base Design

Solid aluminium of rugged consistency. Resistant grey epoxy coating for distinguished elegance.

Optical systems compatibility

Optics ring-mounting diameter is 76mm to fit todays industrial standard of optical systems. Other mountings available for stereo optics made by manufacturers like ZEISS, LEICA, OLYMPUS, BAUSCH & LOMB, AMERICAN OPTICAL, MEIJI, MOTIC and more.