GEMMODUL Gem Instrument Series

GEMMODUL is a series of modular gemological instruments that can be used each one individually or combined in one bench. First developed in 1973 the instruments have continuously been optimized until today to supply everything for the gemmologist's needs.

  • Gemstone polariscope combined with GemLED refractometer GEMMODUL M1

    MODUL 1

    The perfect combination of refractometer/docking-station and polariscope.

  • Gemmological Polariscope and Refractometer Illumination Base GEMMODUL M2

    MODUL 2

    Combination of Polariscope and Monochromatic LED illuminator base for most refractometers.

  • MODUL 3 - Refractometer Illuminator

    MODUL 3

    Illuminator base with monochromatic LED light source for most refractometers available.

  • MODUL 5 - Fibreoptic Spectroscope Illuminator Base

    MODUL 5

    Compact 100 Watt coldlight source with pivot joint for most spectroscope optics.

  • MODUL 6 - UV dark-room for MULTISPEC UV lamp

    MODUL 6

    UV dark-room for comfortable UV testing with MULTISPEC UV lamp, even with bright ambient light.