Polariscope and Refractometer illumination with 589nm LED Light Source.

Combination of Polariscope and Monochromatic LED illuminator base for most refractometers.

Modul 2


  • First time ever a cool, diffuse fluorescent lamp replaces the traditional incandescent bulb.
  • High Colour Rendering Index of CRI = 90.
  • 7 Watt neutral daylight energy saving lamp.
  • Flickerfree high frequency operation with electronic ballast.
  • Extendable with optional accessories.

Refractometer Docking-Station

  • Illumination for refractometers
  • Dimmable LED light of 589nm wavelength.
  • Comfortable height of refractometer eyepiece for viewing.
  • Safe stand of the refractometer with two self-adhesive plugs.
  • Compatible with most gemmological refractometers with or without monochromatic filter!


White Fluorescent Lamp

Cool diffuse 7 Watt 4,000 Kelvin neutral daylight lamp with the intensity of a traditional 35 Watt incandescent.

Optional Stoneholder

MAGNETIC-CLICK stoneholder system left or right position selectable.

Interference Figure Lens / Conoscope

Optional sphere lens, to swivel in / out. Height adjustable. Left or right placeable.

Wide Field Filters

Both filters of 50mm / 2" diameter. Analyzer filter rotatable 360° on the bracket.

360° Stone Support Disk

Free turnable glass disk of 50mm / 2" diameter.

Refractometer Illumination Base

Filter 589nm

Monochromatic 589nm wavelength of narrow bandwidth for sharp shadow edges.

Damage Protection

Two adapter plugs, self-adhesively sticked underneath refractometer for a safe hold.


Knob for electronic dimming of light intensity from 10% - 100%.

Compatible Refractometers

M3 LED is compatible with most gemmological refractometer, for example: