GemLED Refractometer

Innovative gemstone refractometer with build-in LED illumination.

Refractometer GemLED 0.01
Refractometer GemLED 0.01
  • LED illumination provides a sharp, high-contrast image of the shadow lines on the refractometer scale

  • Direct and easy-to-read scale from 1.30 - 1.81 nD with division of 0.01. Reading 0.005 accuracy by interpolation.

  • For mains operation and battery us.

  • Polarizing filter and contact liquid included.
  • Refractometer GemLED compatible with Modul 1 from GEMMODUL® Gem Instruments Series.

  • Order Code: GLD 0.01

LED Illumination 589nm

Monochromatic LED illumination with sodium filter which only transmits light with wavelength 589nm. Without green part due to narrow 15nm bandwidth.


Large bearing surface (0.2 x 0,45") made of special colourless SCHOTT/ZEISS LaSF glass. Very resistant to scratches and chemicals.

Refractometer Contact Liquid nD 1.79

Highly transparent refractometer liquid with new formula, less toxic and no crystallization. The refractive index of nD 1.79 is suitable for all most important gem tests.

Battery Pack

The included battery power pack gives you independence from power sockets when travelling.

Docking Station

You need a docking station for your GemLED refractometer? Maybe our Module 1 with polariscope from the GEMMODUL® Series is of interest for you.