SR 0.01 Refractometer

Compact gemstone refractometer with built-in 589nm monochromatic filter.

Refractometer SR 0.01
Refractometer SR 0.01
  • Quality engineered, handy size gemmological refractometer, with build-in monochromatic filter, featuring traditional scale delineation of 0.01 refractive index nD.

  • Directly and easily readable scale from 1.30 - 1.81 nD. Accuracy 0.005 to be interpolated.

  • Wide refraction element of special SCHOTT / ZEISS LaSF colourless glass. Resistant to scratches and chemicals.

  • True sodium wavelength 589nm monochromatic interference filter.

  • Polarizing filter and contact liquid included.

  • Order code: SR 0.01

SCHOTT / ZEISS optical glass

Large 5x12mm contact surface, made of precisely polished high-end special glass LaSF.

Filter 589nm

For monochromatic illumination with 589nm wavelength. Without green because of narrow 15nm bandwidth.

Contact liquid nD 1.79

New formula of reduced toxicity, no cristallization and high transparency.

The right illumination

You need illumination for your refractometer? Maybe our GEMMODUL M3 LED or GEMMODUL M2 are of interest for you. Compatible with most refractometers!