Fibreoptic Spectroscope Illuminator Base

Compact 2x100 Watt coldlight source with pivot joint for most spectroscope optics.

  • Double arm pivot joint. One arm for spectroscope optical system, one for the flexible light guide. Independently movable.
  • Large 7mm active diameter of flexible fibre optics light guide for intense reflected light mode. Second light source for transmitted light mode.
  • Extra wavelength scale illuminator light.
  • Rigid design and quality of mechanics to align optics and fibre optics light guide to the gemstone.
  • Adapter for most spectroscope optics and to update/upgrade the lighting of older types of lower powerthe.

2x100 Watt Lamps

Intense cold light reflector lamps 12V 2x100W - cooled by silent fan for continuous work.

Dimming Controls

Light intensity electronically adjustable from 10-100%.

Pivot Joint

Unique precise alignment of optics and light guide to the gemstone makes observation of the spectrum easy. Fast and secure adjustment of both spectroscope and light guide in relation to the stone.

Focusing Lens

Concentrates all light intensity from the fibre optic light guide onto the gemstone.

Spectroscope Compatibility

M5 is compatible with most gemmological spectroscopes. Find out about

Spectroscope compatibility