Optical Spectroscope System with direct readable scale from 700 - 400 nm.

Spectroscope SPO-CF
  • Gemmological spectroscopic optics with directly readable wavelength scale from 700 - 400nm.
  • AMICI prism arrangement with 7 ° dispersion C-F.
  • Spectral colour distribution: left red, right blue. Scale division 10nm.
  • Precision slit for sharp results when reading of all spectral lines.
  • Adjustment of the slit.
  • Dust protection glass on the front side.
Wavelengths Scale Spectroscope

Calibration of Scale

An important feature of the SPO-CF spectroscope is the calibration of the wavelength scale by a special mark at 589 nm. A locking screw saves the calibration.

Focusing of Scale

The wavelength scale is focused separatly of the spectrum. The scale-tube can be adjusted smoothly in order to read the scale sharply.

Focusing of Spectrum

The eyepiece tube is easily adjustable and the spectral lines can be set precisely, sharply and free from irritation.

Functionality Spectroscope
Functionality Spectroscope

Functionality Spectroscope

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Slit Adjustment

Wheel for smooth adjustment from 2 - 0.01 mm.