GIA GemoLite LED Update

Update your old GIA GemoLite microscope! Keep your good old American Optical or Bausch & Lomb optics and place them onto a state-of-the-art LED darkfield base!

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Take your old GemoLite microscope to a new level

The good old GemoLite by GIA is a true classic and has been around for many years. Especially for the older series (+15 years) we noticed two possible problems:

  • They tend to get hot at the base which can make it quite uncomfortable working with them over a longer time.
  • Also the yellowish light from the incandescent lamp can make your eyes fatigue and exhaust your brain quickly.

Therefore we developed a set to update your old GemoLite without having to buy a whole new microscope unit! Keep the good old American Optical or Bausch & Lomb optical system and place it onto the base of our renowned GEMMASTER microscope. The update is easily done - all you need is a screw driver.

Updating your old GIA GemoLite microscope is done in minutes!

Updating is easy!

  • Take your GemoLite and unmount the focusing arm and optical system from the base.
  • Mount arm and optical system onto the GEMMASTER base.
  • Done!

Benefit from GEMMASTER's characteristics

Darkfield illuminator

The darkfield illuminator light source is an innovative high contrast LED system with a lighting power equivalent to a 35 Watt incandescent halogen lamp. Lifetime of about 20,000 hours. Colour of light 4,500 Kelvin.

Despite the high LED lighting power the Cool-Touch® technology makes sure the microscope stage stays cool. The temperature at the stage never exceeds 25°C/77°F (room temperature).

Controls for electronic dimming of darkfield LED illumination without change of colour of light. Incandescents on the contrary get yellow/red tinted.

Circular reflector system illuminating authentic with highest contrast and mountable diffusor sheet. 

USB Ports

One USB port at each side of the stage for additional LED coldlight pin-pointer or LED overhead lamp. Good for other USB plug & play accessories as well. No data transmission!

Diffuse LED daylight overhead lamp
Single LED daylight pin-pointer

Ergonomic Features

The base can be tilted up to 42° for the most comfortable user position.
Adapter to use for iris diaphragm as tweezers support.

The high darkfield spot makes quick microscopy by finger handling of mounted stones easy.

Innovative MAGNETIC CLICK stone holder system with magnetic socket at each side of the stage for right- or left-hand use. Extra ring holder to be clamped on stoneholder.

Mounted Gemstone

Technical Specifications of Microscope Base

Vertical with binocular optics: 400 mm (16") height
Stage width x depth: 170 x 265 mm (7"x10”) height
Diameter of heavy base: 250 mm (10")

220 – 240V / 50 – 60 Hz, 100 – 120V / 50 – 60Hz by optional voltage converter 45 Watt.