Colour Grading Cabinet

DIALITE MasterGrader - Colour Grading Cabinet for Diamonds and Coloured Stones

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DIALITE MasterGrader

Designed for grading and presentation of diamonds, fancy colour diamonds and other coloured stones with challenging hues, saturation and lightness in neutral ambient daylight conditions. Incident and transmitted longwave UV testing.

Daylight for Colour Grading and UV-Test

Standardized lighting environment following the recommendations of CIBJO and the recent ones of ISO/PAS.

Daylight illuminance well balanced for grading of diamonds and coloured stones. Three user-controlled levels of illuminance by choice.

Slide-in diffuser, perfect for photography.

Optional incandescent bulbs for colours of gems perceived by warmwhite illuminate of 2,800 Kelvin.

Optional LED bulb of jewellery shop type for checking sparkle and fire of diamonds.

Unique fluorescence detection by transmitted UV on top of the cabinet.

Traditional incident UV test inside.


Perfect for photography in diffuse lighting condition.

MasterGrader vs. JUDGE

Half size of JUDGE box – very compact for office and shows:
(HxWxD) 340x400x150mm (13x16x 6”)
Half price of JUDGE box.