Desk Lights for Table Setting

Desk lamps with daylight for table setting. High flexibility due to the clever design of spring arm. High quality manufacturing - Made in Germany.

  • Daylight Desk Lamp DIALITE PRO 2/80


    Daylight desk lamp with a unique lighting power of 2x80 Watt fluorescent tubes, with 10,000 Lux illumination. Indirect lighting and flickerfree, each lamp is separately switchable and dimmable.

  • LED Lamp DIALITE Vision LED

    DIALITE Vision LED

    LED desk lamp with two unique, removable LED lamps, separately switchable.

  • Desk Lamps DIALITE

    DIALITE Vision

    Daylight desk lamps with two parallel fluorescent tubes for individual tasks and multiple applications. From 18 to 110 Watt, separately switchable.

  • Daylight lamp for diamond grading

    DIALITE Classic

    Daylight desk lamp with parallel T5 fluorescent tubes for exceptionally diffuse light. Special version with build in UV light. Particularly suitable for diamond grading.

  • FLIP Classic

    FLIP Classic

    The small light-giant. Versatile and mobile light with 1x13 Watt fluorescent. At the workplace, for reading, when traveling and other tasks



    Two swan necks with removable LED lamps, selectable from spot to diffuse.