Daylight desk lamps with two parallel fluorescent tubes for individual tasks and multiple applications. From 18 to 110 Watt, separately switchable.

Vision T 2/36 i

DIALITE Vision Hybrid at the painting restoration at tripot

DIALITE Vision Hybrid at the painting restoration at tripot

with VISION elder persons are able to read better again

Arbeitsplatzleuchte DIALITE VISION T 2/36 i
  • Desk lamp for general applications with a great choice of individual lighting power. From most powerful 2x55 Watts, very strong 2x36 Watts up to compact 2x18 Watts.
  • Sturdy construction of aesthetic design for high durability.
  • Construction, technical design and the energysaving tubes create a well-balanced value of use and sustainability.
  • The DIALITE Vision desk lamps are available in different light intensities:
    2x55 Watts, 2x36 Watts, 2x24 Watts, 2x18 Watts, as well as special types in combination with LED or halogen lamps. See model overview at the bottom of the page.
Zwei Kompakt-Leuchtstofflampen

Two Fluorescent Tubes

Two parallel energy saving fluorescent tubes, each separately switchable. Thus two levels of lighting power - almost like dimming.

More dimmable desk lamps:
DIALITE X (Only model X 2/80 and XL 4/80)


Light Colours

The choice of the right light colour depends on the specific application.

Diamond grading for example requires daylight 6,500 Kelvin (k) light colour.

In the dentistry industry full spectrum daylight of 5,800k is the light colour norm.

Visually impaired people are able to see more contrasts when using "incandescent white" 3,000k.

If two different light colours are used at the same time, an additional third light color results as "mixed light"

Our recommendations for optimal light colours downloadable as PDF for:
Gems and jewellery
Dental laboratories
People with visual impairments
all remaining workplaces


SPECTROLIGHT - Full Spectrum Light

Why is seeing and concentration with full spectrum light better and less tiring?

Full spectrum daylight lamps are characterized by the fact that they exhibit all spectral colors, similar to the natural daylight. As a result, the light is perceived as less sharp, milder and more pleasant.  But our brain is also pleased, because it has to work less since all the spectra are present and it does not have to compensate for.

If you work with conventional fluorescent tubes, the visual center of your brain must compensate for the missing parts in the spectrum. In the case of long working hours with "simple" fluorescent tubes, seeing becomes quite exhausting and decrease concentration and well-being, because of this "brain work".

Better and more comfortable seeing with SPECTROLIGHT full spectrum daylight lamps.

Read more on this topic here


All options for table mounting can be found here:


Reflector Head Joint

A sturdy joint to adjust the desk lamps reflector head easily and individually in 3D to match your task.

Double and Single Spring-Arms

Innovative, sturdy technology in the tradition of the first spring arm desk lamps by Angelpoise and Luxo. For feathery floating movability on rugged joints. Adjustable spring power and blocking.

Indirect Lighting

Indirect Lighting and Heat Conduction

The opening on the top of the lamps reflector allows heat conduction and illuminates the room indirectly and contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere.

The black metal louvre avoids glare of the eyes.

Energy Efficiency Label

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Model Lamps Watt Illuminance (Lux)* Type of Lamps Switches Upward Opening Coating Reflector Length
T 2/55 i 2x55 8,000 fluorescent tubes 2 grid silver grey 616mm
T 2/36 i 2x36 5,000 fluorescent tubes 2 grid silver grey or anthracite 541mm
T 2/24 2x24 3,000 fluorescent tubes 2 - silver grey or anthracite 376mm
L 2/18 Gem 2x18 1x35 2,500 fluorescent tubes, halogen 3 - anthracite 410mm
L 2/24 Expo 2x24 3,000 fluorescent tubes 2 - anthracite 410mm
T HYBRID 2/18 2x18 2x5 2,500 Lux / 10,000 fluorescent tubes, LED 4 slots silver grey or anthracite 495mm
T 2/18 TK 2x18 2,500 fluorescent tubes 2 - anthracite 310mm

* Light intensity of daylight (5,800 Kelvin, all tubes switched on) at a distance of 50cm.

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