LED pendant lights for the energy-saving lighting. Powerful with two removable, parallel LED lamps each 18 watt for high illuminances.

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LED Pendand Light DIALITE X

LED Pendelleuchte DIALITE X
LED Pendelleuchte DIALITE X

The suspension of DIALITE X LED pendant lights at height adjustable pendants or steel cords from the ceiling allows a completely free table surface.

Table size and illumination provide the choice of model from almost 60 to 180cm / 2-6 feet.

Coming with SpectroLED TP lamps and focused LED lamps exit for high illuminance (see model overview below).

The lower-side light exit is continuous and only slightly shorter than the length of the light!

The authentic light of the LED lamps without additional diffusors provides high contrast and is available in multiple light colours and excellent colour rendering.

Tables under roof slopes can be very practical illuminated with pendant lights: The length of the rise and fall pendants can be shortened on site and also different from one another following the angle of the slope.

As substructure light for cabinets or shelves special versions of the DIALITE X pendant lights provide good lighting where no other lighting solution can be achieved.

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Zwei LED-Lampen

Two Exchangeable LED Lamps

  • Designed like fluorescent tubes in protecting glas tubes.
  • Two light colours 4,000 K and 6,500 K
  • Best colour rendering, CRI> 85
  • High contrast and good light distribution
  • No diffuse plastic cover on light exit
  • Both LED lamps individually switchable

Heat Conduction

Unique for a LED light, the heat is conducted through slots on the upward opening for a cool head area.

VARIOMAG magnifying glass (2x).

Thermo-Protect TP

Both the reflector and the LED lamps resist for a short time open flames and heat is dissipated by the upper-side slots - without doing any harm!


Die Sehaufgabe bestimmt die Farbe des Lichts:

Bei der Sortierung von Diamanten wird die Lichtfarbe "Tageslicht" 6.500 Kelvin (K) eingesetzt.

Menschen mit Sehbehinderungen empfinden, je nach Beeinträchtigung,  z.B. 3.000 Kelvin "Glühlampen-Weiß" oder bei 6.500K "Tageslicht-Weiß" als angenehm.

Im Dentallabor gilt „Vollspektrum-Tageslicht“ mit 5.800K als die Norm.

Werden zwei unterschiedliche Lichtfarben gleichzeitig eingesetzt,  resultiert als "Mischlicht" eine zusätzliche dritte Lichtfarbe.

Unsere Empfehlungen für optimale Lichtfarben als PDF

Edelsteine und Schmuck
Zahntechnische Labore
Menschen mit Sehbeeinträchtigungen
alle übrigen Arbeitsplätze

Rise-and-fall pendants

The rise and fall pendants are an easy height adjustment from 70-200cm/700-2000mm/2-6 feet from the ceiling, custom lengths possible.
The lasting roll-up mechanism of the rise and fall pendants features adjustable special brakes.

Energy Efficiency Label

Energy Efficiency Label

Please click left on the label for enlarged view.

DIALITE X Pendant Lights

Model Lamps Watt Illuminance (Lux)* Type of Lamps Switches Upward Opening Coating Reflector Length
X 2/80 DIM 2x80 10,000 fluorescent tubes 2 switches, 2 dimmers grid anthracite or silver grey 730mm
X 2/55 2x55 8,000 fluorescent tubes 2 grid silver grey 968mm
X 2/18 LED 2x18 9,000 LED lamps 2 switches slots anthracite or silver grey 800mm
XL 4/80 Dim 4x80 10,000 fluorescent tubes (T5) 2 switches, 2 dimmers grid anthracite or silver grey 1,800mm
XL 4/54 4x54 9,000 fluorescent tubes (T5) 4 grid anthracite or silver grey 1,435mm
XL 4/39 4x39 6,300 fluorescent tubes (T5) 4 slots anthracite or silver grey 1,135mm

* Light intensity of daylight (5,800 Kelvin, all tubes switched on) at a distance of 50cm.

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