Pendant lights with high lighting power of 110-320 Watts for table lenghts 600-1800 mm/2-6 feet.

Pendant Light DIALITE X 2/55C

Pendant Light DIALITE X 2x80DimI

Pendant Light DIALITE X 2x80DimI

Pendant Light DIALITE X 4/39 grey

Pendant Light DIALITE X 4/39 grey

Pendant Light DIALITE XL 4x39

Pendant Light DIALITE XL 4x39

Pendant lights at a dental lab

Pendant lights at a dental lab

Pearls in Hong Kong

Pendant Light DIALITE XL 4x54 at the paintigs restoration

Pendant Light DIALITE XL 4x54 at the paintigs restoration

Pendelleuchte DIALITE X 2/55
Pendelleuchte DIALITE X 2/55

The DIALITE X pendant lights at height adjustable pendants or wire rope from the ceiling allows a completely free table surface.

Table size and illumination provide the choice of model from almost 60 to 180cm or 2-6 feet.

The bottom light exit is continuous and only slightly shorter than the length of the light!

Outstanding the compact pendant light DIALITE X 2/80 DIMi with almost 70cm length and corresponding bottom light exit and above for indirect lighting. Perfect for tight table situations e.g. for dental technicians or goldsmith and engravers. Especially the individual dimming of the lamps is an enormous relief for demanding visual tasks.

Uniquely the 180cm or 6 feet long pendant light DIALITE XL 4/80 DIMi with 160cm bottom light exit. The ideal large desk lamp for large or fine workpieces and passionate readers of printed in large format. Dimming allows for a personal well-being adjustment e.g. in the restoration for color assessment and the recognition of structures and contours.

Tables under roof slopes can be very practical illuminated with the pendant lights: The length of the rise and fall pendants can be shortened on site and also different from one another following the angle of the of the slope.

As substructure-light for cabinets or shelves special versions of the DIALITE X pendant lights are often provide good lighting where no other lighting solution can be achieved.


Zwei Kompakt-Leuchtstofflampen

Fluorescent Tubes

Two or more parallel fluorescent tubes are individually switched or, depending on the type, also dimmable.

Dimmable models are:



Light Colours

The choice of the right light colour depends on the specific application.

Diamond grading for example requires daylight 6,500 Kelvin (k) light colour.

In the dentistry industry full spectrum daylight of 5,800k is the light colour norm.

Visually impaired people are able to see more contrasts when using "incandescent white" 3,000k.

If two different light colours are used at the same time, an additional third light color results as "mixed light"

Our recommendations for optimal light colours downloadable as PDF for:
Gems and jewellery
Dental laboratories
People with visual impairments
all remaining workplaces


SPECTROLIGHT - Full Spectrum Light

Why is seeing and concentration with full spectrum light better and less tiring?

Full spectrum daylight lamps are characterized by the fact that they exhibit all spectral colors, similar to the natural daylight. As a result, the light is perceived as less sharp, milder and more pleasant.  But our brain is also pleased, because it has to work less since all the spectra are present and it does not have to compensate for.

If you work with conventional fluorescent tubes, the visual center of your brain must compensate for the missing parts in the spectrum. In the case of long working hours with "simple" fluorescent tubes, seeing becomes quite exhausting and decrease concentration and well-being, because of this "brain work".

Better and more comfortable seeing with SPECTROLIGHT full spectrum daylight lamps.

Read more on this topic here

Indirect Lighting

Indirect Lighting and Heat Conduction

The opening on the top of the lamps reflector allows heat conduction and illuminates the room indirectly and contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere.

The black metal louvre avoids glare of the eyes.

Dimmer der DIALITE PRO


By knobs, both lamps can be dimmed individually - continuously and flickerfree.
(Model X 2/80 Dim and XL 4/80 Dim)

Sideways of the reflector stainless steel handles are arranged for handling and to protect the switches and dimmer knobs.

Rise and Fall Pendants

The rise and fall pendants are a easy height adjustment from 70-200 cm or 700-2000 mm or 2-6 feet from ceiling, custom lengths are possible.

The lasting roll-up mechanism of the rise and fall pendants features an adjustable special brakes.

Energy Efficiency Label

Please click left on the label for enlarged view.

DIALITE X Pendant Lights

Model Lamps Watt Illuminance (Lux)* Type of Lamps Switches Upward Opening Coating Reflector Length
X 2/80 DIM 2x80 10,000 fluorescent tubes 2 switches, 2 dimmers grid anthracite or silver grey 730mm
X 2/55 2x55 8,000 fluorescent tubes 2 grid silver grey 968mm
X 2/18 LED 2x18 9,000 LED lamps 2 switches slots anthracite or silver grey 800mm
XL 4/80 Dim 4x80 10,000 fluorescent tubes (T5) 2 switches, 2 dimmers grid anthracite or silver grey 1,800mm
XL 4/54 4x54 9,000 fluorescent tubes (T5) 4 grid anthracite or silver grey 1,435mm
XL 4/39 4x39 6,300 fluorescent tubes (T5) 4 slots anthracite or silver grey 1,135mm

* Light intensity of daylight (5,800 Kelvin, all tubes switched on) at a distance of 50cm.

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